Valet Fueling Service

Ethanol-free Fuel

Boat Fuel Instructions

We would like to inform all our boat customers that valet fueling service is available at ClimaStor Bluebonnet.

The type of fuel available at this location is 87-Octane NON-ETHANOL Gasoline. Let us handle your boat fueling needs, so you have one less delay from having fun on the water.

The process for our valet fueling service is easy:

  • Be an active customer at the specific location.
  • Have a payment method saved on your online ClimaStor account or call our staff to add a payment method to your account.
  • Call our ClimaStor Bluebonnet office to schedule your boat pickup and request valet fueling service.  Please make sure to provide your name, your boat description, and the amount of fuel you need (specify the amount of gallons or ‘Fill it Full).
  • Your payment method will be charged immediately after fueling.

* Please note that you should provide a two-hour notice before the pickup time, so we do not leave you waiting while we safely retrieve and fuel your boat.

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